Scalp Acupuncture

Last week we had a breath-taking seminar in Amsterdam with 80 years old Professor Jiao Shunfa 焦顺发, the ORIGINAL inventor of Scalp Acupuncture, a REAL acupuncture Master from China! We have all witnessed the amazing effects of scalp acupuncture in treating tinnitus, all kinds of pains in neck/shoulder/back, and paralysis due to stroke and brain damage. Some of the patients burst into tears after their pain and limited motor capability were improved by ONE treatment by Professor Jiao. I helped the lady-in-green with her shoulder movement limitation with just 2 needles. The lady in black, her chronic tinnitus was reduced by 90% in one treatment. She was SoSo happy!!
Today I used scalp acupuncture to help someone with ADHD. He fell into sleep very quickly after I inserted fine needles into his head and I even had to wake him up.